Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Turning off the Typing Animation [Level 3]

Photo: Chey and Pam Havercamp. Chey has the typing animation suppressed.

(Our Thanks to Peter Stindberg for his link to Torley Linden's Blog)

Some people like the typing animation. Some don't.

Xubi likes it because it lets her know when others are about to say something. It helps the social pacing, she says.

Chey doesn't like it because it makes her look slightly less fabulous.

You will of course make up your own mind. But here's how to do it if you so choose.

Press CTRL-ALT-D (OPT-CTRL-D on Mac). This will open the Options menu.

Go to Debug submenu and type in PlayTypingAnim. Set it to FALSE. You're done.

BUT See Torley Linden's tip on this here. There's a great Torley video associated with it. Just click on the video and it will play for you.


p.s. Some gestures override the typing menu. You can stuff your animation overrider with them and you won't type.

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Torley said...

Glad you're getting the word out about this, and thx for referring to my tip too! I did it precisely because I heard it complained about so much, and I was like, "Gosh, I want to help make this easier!"

Have a lovely day!