Thursday, March 27, 2008

Put Animated GIFs on Your Land [Level IV]

Our new sim, Whimsy (Yes! We have a sim of our own! Dreamland was not big enough for us!), is under construction, and Xubi thought we should have a sign to alert visitors and a hard hat to protect their noggins. So Chey made a Whimsy Hard Hat (free at the empty point), and made an animated sign.

Chey vaguely remembered reading something about bringing animated GIFs into the world, so she did a Google search and found this web site: It converts GIFs into textures that you can import into the world, and gives you the code for a script for animation. Easy to use. See the Whimsy sign and grab a hard hat at the entry point.
Photo: Chey find the hard hat useful when parachuting.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Choose Where You Rez on Startup [Level 1]

Open preferences (CTRL-P) or the bottom selection in the Edit menu at the top of the screen.

In Preferences, be sure the General tab at the left is selected.

Now make sure Show Start Location on Login Screen is checked.

Now from the dropdown menu just above, you can choose to rez. You can select your home or your last location. Or you can type in the name of a region (simulator) and you will rez there. Svarga, for instance, or Tol Eressea.

You can set your home to land you own, or to group land if you are in a group with land holdings. Otherwise you're limited to certain welcome areas.

Now, if you're homeless, you have the power to rez somewhere other than that griefer-infested infohub.

Don't IdleYour Life Away [Level 2]

Tired of going to the fridge for another Sam Adams and coming back to find your avie logged off?

You can buy anti-idlers that will keep you online overnight, but there's a permanent fix. Open the Client menu.

If you don't see a Client menu at the top of the screen, CTRL-ALT-D (PC) or CTRL-OPT-D (Mac) will toggle it on.

Open Client (some the newest viewers have replaced Client with a menu called ADVANCED).

Open the Character sub-menu.

Open the Character Tests sub-sub-menu and be sure Go Away / AFK When Idle is unchecked.

That's all there is to it?

So if it's so simple, why is this a level 2 tip?

Because we used the computer geek word toggle!