Sunday, July 6, 2008

Remove Particles [Level III]

Remove Particles! [Level III)

In Second Life, smoke, mist, rain, fireworks, flame, and other things that aren't solid objects are comprised of particles-- think of them as sort of loose, flying textures.

Particles are produced by scripts that reside in prims.It's important sometimes to be able to turn them off.

If the script in your particle-emitting object doesn't give you a way to turn the particles off (for instance, by touching the prim or saying something like bling off or /bling off or /1 bling off, or if you've deleted the script and the object is still emitting particles, here's some code that will remove the residual particles-- for, you see, once a prim begins to emit particles, it will continue to emit them forever, or until the prim is delited-- unless the particles are turned off.

Please note-- some objects-- usually the ones you purchase, but sometimes freebies-- won't allow you to modify them. If that happens, you may be stuck with the particles. So be sure you can modify the prim's contents before you delete any scripts in your valuable items. If you can make a new script in the prim and if it stays there, you're golden.

So if you have a prim that is blinging, smoking, burning, or otherwise being obnoxious, and if you have permissions to modify it, follow these steps:

1. EDIT the prim.

2. If the particle-emitting script is in a prim that's part of a linked set, check the EDIT LINKED PARTS box in the GENERAL tab and touch the individual prim that is your target. Be sure only that prim is highlighted.

3. Delete the offending script if you're sure you won't need it, or open it by double-clicking and uncheck the RUNNING box at bottom left.

4. Click the CONTENT tab.

5. Choose NEW SCRIPT.

6. Double-click the script to open it.

7. Erase the code that is inside the script.

8. Paste in the code at the bottom of this blog entry. Be sure to select everything within the dashed lines (but not the dashed lines themselves).

9. SAVE the script (and be sure the RUNNING box at bottom left is checked).

10. Name the script something like "Particle Eraser" and drag it to your SCRIPTS folder in inventory. That way you'll have it for later.

As soon as the script runs, the prim will stop making particles. It may take a few seconds for them to dissipate. So...

11. Right click your Particle Eraser script and erase it from the prim. (so it won't consume system resources).

That's it!


// particle erase script

  llParticleSystem( [] );