Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fly in No Fly Zones [Level 4]

We JUST discovered a way to fly in zones designated no-fly!

We love the Paris 1900 sims, but let's face it, they're huge and despite the fact that you materialize in a Metro station there's no public transportation. It takes forever to walk anywhere, and running is so undignified.

So go to the Client menu and make sure View Admin Options has an X by it (or toggle View Admin Options on and off with CTRL-ALT-V).

That's all there is to it!

Oh-oh! Maybe not! Don't have a CLIENT menu at the top of your screen? CTRL-ALT-D switches (toggles) it on and off.

View Admin Options does other neat things, the nature of which we are working on fiendisly in our supersecret Tweaktocracy laboratories.

It seems you can offer teleport to people with whom you are not friends. Woo-hoo!

And when you look at an avie's profile, you'll see four options you haven't seen before: Freeze, Unfreeze, and CSR.

You have to have land perms to freeze or unfreeze an avatar. We're not sure about kicking (although there are a LOT of avie's we'd like to kick!) But CSR plugs us into a web-based databse which requires a password we don't have.

Enjoy, and if you figure out something more about View Admin Options, IM Exuberance Lafleur or Cheyenne Palisades, please, and tell us.

And be careful flying in no fly zones. Sim owners might not like it. If you get caught, you didn't learn how here. No, no, no, no no.


Photo: Chey and Xubi circumventing high-tech security device (a huge prim) and breaking into the Moulin Rouge at Paris 1900.


evilshadow said...

hey! how can I enter to the client thing if im using a mac?

Michael Palumbo said...

just another little hack that I found to be able to fly without "enabling" it. If you save the location you want to fly in as a landmark. Then go to a zone which you can fly (such as Freebies @ The Rock) Once you are flying simply use th landmark to teleport back while flying and BOOM. You will be flying in a no fly zone area.