Sunday, December 2, 2007

Welcome to our Tips and Tweaks Blog!

Hi! We’re Exuberance (Xubi) Lafleur, founder of The Icarus Society and the source of all silliness, and Cheyenne (Chey) Palisades, founding member of The Icarus Society and magnifier and amplifier of Xubi’s silliness.

We have a LOT of fun in Second Life. We appreciate the sublime, but seek out the ridiculous. We love to fall from the sky and go plop and make huge, useless, ridiculous builds like giant drinking birds and flying rolls of Viva paper towels and just in general bounce (literally) around the grid.

We’ve learned a lot through our misadventures, and we want to share our often illicitly-gained knowledge with you, our constant (and, we hope, silly) readers. Our desire is to slowly build a site that will help both new and old citizens alike learn little-known things about Second Life.

We would have loved to have found such a place when we were new. It took us months to figure out how to export photos and textures from SL to the real world and make Friends conferences (Xubi is still struggling with that one). And we only JUST learned that you can use the space bar to slow movement to a crawl. This is most handy, for it can be used both to stop a fall and will let you navigate in tight spaces.

We don’t want you, constant, silly reader, to have to struggle as we did. So here we go! Enjoy! And don’t forget to be silly!


Photos: Chey and Xubi, Xubi, Chey, Xubi and Chey in an Oopsie Moment.


Greg said...

I suppose I should still be considered a newbie, coming up on my 6th month in sl. I still plant the occasional box on my head, and would welcome your vast knowledge :)

Greg (gm)

Corgi said...

This is a wonderful idea! I know you've helped my avatars get a running start in the grid - considerably.

I just found this by finding your shop blog while catching up on your (Chey's) personal blog. ^_^