Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tip: Flying

Photo: Chey's Alt Dakota in a Controlled (ha!) Fall.

When we were new, we had no idea how to fly higher or lower; we only knew to turn Fly on and off (the F key or Fly on the menu tab at the bottom of your screen).

Consequently, we landed by turning Fly off and crashing to the ground.

Cheyenne would try to stop her fall at the last moment by toggling Fly on and then off, but a lot of times it didn’t work.

Xubi didn’t even try the toggle; she just crashed to the ground. She liked it so much she’s falling even today. Her usual entrance is a crash to the ground at Cheyenne’s feet. Her best fall was from the Eiffel Tower in Paris 1900 sim, where she landed in a park atop a pair of lovers.

When we were new, we were astonished and delighted when we found we could use the e and c keys or Page Up and Page Down to fly, respectively, duh,  up and down.

And we were delighted when we found flight assist devices that let us break the 150 meter newbie limit.

[For a free flight assist device and other goodies, teleport to SLURL

and pick up the Pele Freebies. You'll find them at the wall of the walkway, near the torii gate at the east end of the Gardens in which you'll materialize.]

We were so delighted we decided to see how high we could go. We still don’t know how the maximum height, but there seems to be no limit. We flew straight up for HOURS, passing 50,000,000 (that’s right, fifty million!) meters! Our poor bodies were distorted and misshapen, but we drank plenty of Tang and were soon back in shape.

Imagine our surprise when, months and months into Second Life, we found an easy way to stop a fall!

Holding the space bar will instantly stop a plunge and lower you ever so slowly to the ground..

Chat must be closed, however

The space bar allows slow motion moving in any direction, so it’s useful when swimming or walking, and in particular when one is walking near the edge of a cliff or trying to stand beside friends without bowling them over.

How easy! How could we not have known that?



F will toggle Fly on and off

E or Page Up will increase your elevation

C or Page Down will decrease your elevation

Holding the space bar (Chat must be closed) will stop a fall.

You will move slowly when you walk while holding the space bar (most handy!)

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Corgi said...

My avatars have had indifferent success with the space bar since I read it on your other journal. Think it could be because I'm on a laptop? (Baaad motivating spirit, bad! Provide for your children!)

I'll have to have them try the falling thing, though. :) That sounds like fun.